No, this blog post isn't dedicated to fondly remembered 1980s hits (although I rather like a bit of Soft Cell), it's a different bittersweet situation on this occasion. Our storeman/parts administrator is moving on to pastures new (and French) this summer so we're on the lookout for a new Tim. Which will be difficult because Tim is one-of-a-kind and we're sad to be Waving Goodbye to him. However, if you… Read more »
It's April. APRIL! Where did the past 3 months go? It seems like just yesterday that we were wishing you all Happy Christmas and now we're a quarter of the way through the year. Anyway, down to business (sort of). This year we're welcoming some new 'recruits' to Multibrand in the form of Tom and Ethan who are both studying photography at Dudley Evolve College. They're going to be producing… Read more »
For many of us, having a roof over our head and food in the fridge is a given. For too many, Christmas this year will be spent in a doorway or on a bench in the cold. Thankfully, there are still places where shelter can be found, and in Wolverhampton we're lucky to have 'just enough' accommodation to ensure that when temperatures reach critical levels, no-one has to spend a… Read more »
Some things seem like they've been around forever. Things like the Google Search Engine. And yet, Google's domain name was registered on September 15th 1998, a mere 20 years ago. And on exactly the same date, Multibrand was incorporated as a business so we share the same 'birthday' as it were. Now, I'm not suggesting that our reach has gone quite as far as everyone's favourite method of interrogating the… Read more »
We had a great response to our competition to win a Miele vacuum cleaner which was open to all of our Privilege Club members. As promised, at the start of October we drew a winner from all the entries and out popped Mrs Lilly from Halesowen! When we called her to let her know that she had won, she was thrilled as she says she's never won anything before. Mrs… Read more »
If you're part of our Multibrand Privilege Club, when you received your new certificate last month you may have spotted that we're running a competition to win a brand new Miele vacuum cleaner! The draw takes place at the end of September so there's only a couple of weeks left to enter.                             It's simple to take… Read more »
If you've ever tried to shift a washing machine, you'll know that they're not light to lift, and for a good reason! Most machines use a heavy concrete weight to counterbalance the drum and keep the machine stable when spinning a full load of wet washing. Of course, that weight is there constantly, including when you have to carry it into your kitchen! Until now that is... A team of… Read more »
Much like Mr Ford's model T (available any colour as long as it's black), domestic appliances earned their industry title 'White Goods' for a reason; they were predominantly white. Trends come and go and if the buzz around the sector is to believed, we're about to see a resurgence in multi coloured appliances to compliment the likes of KitchenAid who have launched food mixers in a broad spectrum of colours… Read more »
It's that time of year again. Slade is playing in all the supermarkets, the Halloween fright masks have given way to Snowmen and Santa and to coin a phrase, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." Which brings us to your oven. Whether it's a built in, freestanding or range model, the last thing you want is for it to let you down on Christmas day (unless of course,… Read more »
Multibrand has just been awarded yet another Housing Association contract to add to our ever-expanding portfolio in this area, so we're looking for an additional engineer to join our happy band. The successful applicant will have a working knowledge of repairs to appliances in this sector (either the domestic or commercial) and with training and support the ability and willingness to cross over into the other discipline. A company maintained van… Read more »